Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jaime & Brian's Wedding

Saturday, I spent the afternoon with an amazing couple with great family and friends all gathering to celebrate their big day. The wedding ceremony & reception took place at the Sheraton Hotel in Towson, where we scoped out beautiful places to take photos (where the walls in the hotel happened to match the wedding colors!) These two were so in love...smiling at each other even from across the room and laughing at all of the fun traditions that played out throughout the day with their families.
I was so happy that my great friend, Erica, referred Jaime to me as they were friends in college at Towson University. I immediately felt a connection with Jaime, and knew that we would have a blast the day of her wedding. Both her and Brian were so easy to talk to and I felt like they trusted me with each pose I put them in and each crazy idea I had for photos. (Except for the piano photos, which I cannot take credit for; thanks to the groomsmen for those!)
Jaime & Brian, I hope you and your family and friends love these highlight photos. Thank you for asking me to document your love in the artform I know best :)