Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tim & Keeley Wedding Teaser

Not often do I get to travel to a special place in between the wedding and reception with a couple, but with Keeley & Tim, we actually went to the place where Tim proposed to take some photos on their wedding day before heading to the reception. Even though we didn't have much time, I noticed that as soon as they got out of the limo, they were smiling so much, and I knew it really meant a lot to them to be at Baker Park on their special day.
Tim & Keeley: you two look perfect together. I wish you the very best in everything. And I can't wait for the 4 of us to get together for the BBQ! You guys are great! Keep checking back for more images next week! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sarah & Matt's Wedding Highlights

Sarah & Matt's beautiful wedding took place June 13, 2009 at Musket Ridge Golf Course in Myersville, MD. Both of them were perfect models, and we were able to go all over the venue to get amazing photos of the two of them as well as getting some fun bridal party photos as well.
Sarah & Matt, you two were awesome to work with. I hope you had an amazing time in Mexico, and I hope these photos are a nice welcome back to Maryland!!!
These are just a few of the great shots we got. Check Flickr for even more highlights from their wedding!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Weekend

I'm leaving & getting packed up to travel to my parent's house for the weekend to photograph Keeley & Tim's wedding tomorrow, along with a few client meetings over the weekend as well. I feel like I talk to either Tim or Keeley on at least a weekly basis, as Tim is the one who designed my website & is helping keep me sane!!!
I can't wait to post more photos. Look forward to a preview of Keeley & Tim's wedding early next week, and hopefully some highlights from Sarah & Matt's as well!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weird Weather

I've got to say that I'm tired of the weird weather we've been having this week. Today it poured for 20 or so minutes, and now it is beautiful and sunny, alth0ugh it's humid. I hope that the rain gets over with this week so that Keeley & Tim's wedding day is as beautiful as last weekend was.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Rain Held Off!

I am so overwhelmed by the photos that I took this past weekend, and I'm not ready to blog photos yet, but this one shot really caught my eye as I was downloading/archiving my images from Sarah & Matt's wedding. As Stephanie, Sarah's maid of honor, was finishing looping all of the buttons on the back of her dress, I snapped this shot...I anticipated it being an outtake, as the lighting was really dark, but I absolutely love it.
The photos I took this weekend, I think, are some of the best I've ever taken. I'm excited to go through them all, and also worried that I will not be able to edit! I don't think I caught Sarah in one bad photo the entire night!
Keep checking back for new photos & highlights from the Smith wedding. It's going to be a busy week!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Venue Visit at Musket Ridge

On Sunday, I was able to make a trip to see Sarah & Matt's breathtaking ceremony & reception venue in Myersville, MD at Musket Ridge Golf Course. Sunday was a beautiful day, and I hope that we have just as good weather for this Saturday for their wedding day! There are so many perfect spots to take photos. I'm really looking forward to Saturday :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Beautiful Wedding Day

Saturday, we photographed a gorgeous wedding in Hunt Valley. I am just posting a few of my favorite detail shots for now. The bride & groom love Disney movies, etc. and I think the details that they put into the wedding really made it seem majestic & magical like those movies. They were both so happy to see each other, and they lucked out with the most gorgeous skies and nice warm weather for their entire day.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Awaiting a Bride & a Sunny Day

Doesn't this staircase just look like it's missing a beautiful bride?!? I can't wait to take some of Kelly's bridals here!!!

This is the view that the guests will have while watching the ceremony. What a beautiful venue!!!
Thanks Kanji for the reference pics ;)
I'm praying for sunshine tomorrow for a wedding that my boss & I will be photographing, together with two other photographers. It should be an amazing time, and with some great people. I've been going through my idea books to brainstorm poses...there are so many gorgeous places to take photos at this venue, it's hard to decide where to go.
Anyway, I think it will be a pretty day. Either way, there will be lots of love, and family & friends to share in the day with them!!!

Found Images!
I just found some of my images on Ripken Stadium's website for events from Michele & Darren's wedding that I took last year. It was neat to see my photos on something else than my own website :)
Michele & Darren also welcomed a new baby boy into their family, along with Morgan & Bella (their dogs) a few weeks ago. He is a cutie. No wonder...they were great looking models!
Congrats to you & your family! And congrats on being famous all over Ripken's site!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy Time of Year

On my way back from a venue check yesterday for this weekend's wedding in Hunt Valley, I stopped at Wegman's and saw this cute Oriole's cookie in the bakery section. I knew I just had to get it for my hubby, because both of our weeks are crazy busy with many things to do, and I knew I wouldn't be spending a lot of time just relaxing in the coming weeks.
I'm gearing up for this weekend's wedding at Hayfields Country Club, and then I have another wedding next weekend at Musket Ridge Golf Course in Myersville, MD...another wedding in Frederick & Westminster, MD around Hood College on the 20th, and a fourth wedding on 7/11 in Westminster! I know I will be busy editing photos, but hopefully we will be able to catch an O's game during my "break" time!!!