Thursday, May 27, 2010

Storm Chasers

The "storm" tonight did its feels a lot cooler than it was earlier, but it's still really hot for late May-And it hasn't even rained yet. Matt, Ruger, & I checked out the crazy lightning by the park at our house a few minutes ago. It's pretty amazing to watch...but I don't think I'll ever have the patience to get many more shots like this :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

VT Graduate :)

I had the best weekend last week...Matt & I left late Thursday night from Towson with the car packed and spent the night at my parent's house. The next morning, the "hokie-mobile" complete with every imaginable VT sticker decal made the trek to Blacksburg to celebrate my awesome brother's graduation from the ocean engineering department. It really was an awesome weekend...we brought Ruger, and him and my brother's dog, Porthos, kept each other company while we attended the ceremonies.
I really wish every graduate could be this great of a model for me. Matthew kept looking over for photos & when I asked him to wave from the stage, he did! I was super nervous and shaking while taking pictures when his name was called, but I was actually able to capture some great shots. And I have to say, we were the #1 fans-sitting in the front row with the 8 foot long OE sign my mom made to show our support :)
I'm so pround of him & so happy for his success! Now it's on to the real world ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday Trip to the Zoo

For my birthday this year, Matt & I spent the day at the Baltimore Zoo. We live so close to it, and kept saying we want to go, and we finally blocked off the day to enjoy it. I was a little disappointed that there is no longer a tiger at the zoo, but other than that, I had a blast. Matt, thankfully, carried our bookbag with my camera in it and a rather heavy lens, so I have to thank him for lugging it around and not getting annoyed by me stopping every ten feet to get some of these shots. These are just a few, but some of my favorites from the day.
I'll try to be better about blogging in the next few weeks. Work at Towson has been so busy!