Friday, March 30, 2012

The Importance of a Family Portrait

Last summer, I finally got my family together to take an "official" family portrait. I've wanted to take one for such a long time, and I realized that I take beautiful portraits for other families, and all I have on my walls are snapshots or photos from my wedding!
If we had more time, I really wanted to take the photo at my parent's farm. So, next portrait will be there with a more relaxed pose & a different color palette. But I'm happy with what I came up with in our little backyard in the city!
If you're thinking the same thing as me and realizing you don't have a nice family portrait all together, please contact me to set something up! This spring is a perfect time to schedule a time to get a new photo that you will cherish!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Office Cubicle Challenge

I've been thinking of ways to incorporate my work at Towson into my blog, so that I can try to post more of my work. Even though it doesn't have to do with my freelance business, this is what I do every day, and I know that the experience I have at my "day job" is transferred into my work for my freelance jobs as well.
I've started a new category on my blog for tutorials/how-to posts about how I take some of the photos. I'm also trying to include photos of the lighting/equipment I use for each shot.
This image was taken for an upcoming website story about a student's schedule. He works in my office, so one of the photos on the list was to take a photo of him at his desk.
I'm always uninspired by the "sit at the desk shots," so I tried to come up with something new and shot from a very different angle (standing on a ladder in the hallway). I used a blue gel on a small flash and put it behind the computer monitor to illuminate his face without casting much light onto the background. I didn't want to pick up any of the awful florescent lights in the shot!
Camera Info: 1/60 sec. at F2.8; ISO: 800
Flash Info: SB900 set at 1/128 & 1/164 sec.
So, what do you think? Do you like the new category? Want to see more How-To posts?

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Fix

“In order to change the statistics, we must do it together. The minute you make friends, everything changes.”

It was a photography workshop. But this one was different – welcoming, non-threatening, fun and lively. And everyone was eager to meet, exchange business cards, information, and learn from each other. She made it that way - Jasmine Star. With her amazing crew & a beautiful (but hot) venue (there was no AC!) my idol, J* spoke about growing your business… making friends in the industry…making changes… and assured us that we should not be afraid to be uncomfortable as those changes occur.

I’ve been following Jasmine’s blog for years, and I drooled over her beautiful imagery – thinking it was so far advanced and gorgeous, that I couldn’t really reach her level. But once I really started examining her imagery and taking in all of her suggestions and information, I started seeing amazing changes in my own photography. I was learning from her style and pulling ideas from her that worked for creating a look for my own photography and my own style.

I’m still working on that, and I still have a lot to learn. But this workshop was, by far, the best experience of my photographic career. I’m so glad I signed up for it…even without knowing what it was about or what to expect. But I came out of it with so much more than any other workshop has taught me. My work has improved since then, and I’m motivated to take my business to the next step. And for that, I’m forever grateful.

More images can be seen HERE

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sweet Baby Avery

Our dear friends emailed us to announce that baby Avery had finally arrived, and they were wondering if Matt & I would like to visit & also if I could snap some images of Avery's first week home. I was thrilled to be photographing another newborn, and Matt & I headed to downtown Baltimore where I scoped out great places to take Avery's photos in their beautifully decorated rowhome.
As soon as I saw what outfits they had picked out, I immediately thought of going in two different feels to the photos I was taking - some I chose to keep very feminine & soft, and others, I went for a more rustic & earthy look. The hallway with the gorgeous bassinet & taxidermy on the walls will be photos that I know her dad will cherish. And the big pink flower on her head & the adorable zebra print diaper cover were the perfect addition to her "girly" photo session.
I'm so excited for their new addition, and can't wait to see her again & see how much she has grown!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mini Reunion at Washington College

My amazing husband, Matt, was asked by his former Environmental Science professor to speak at a lecture series for Washington College this past week. We decided to make it a mini vacation, and headed to Chestertown, MD to spend some time walking around campus and the small town before dinner and the lecture. We also met up with Matt's friends from college who supported him and grabbed breakfast and lunch at their favorite restaurants before heading home the next day.
The college gave us great accommodations at their on campus historic house. It was such a nice treat to be on such a small campus. I'm so used to Towson, which is a pretty large campus, and Washington College is so close-knit and has a different feel to it. We also toured a lot of the new buildings that had been built since they were at school. (And of course, I took some photos!)
Matt did a great job at the lecture. He was so confident and prepared. I hope one day I'll be able to host a lecture as well on my expertise. It definitely was a great experience and trip!

Today is the Start of a New Outlook!

I'm so excited to be spending the day in Washington D.C. and attending a workshop hosted by my idol photographer, Jasmine Star, from California tonight. I've been following her blog for years, and she has been my motivation to succeed in creating my own style within my freelance business.
She is speaking around the U.S. about growing your photography business and creating a map of success. I'm so thrilled to have been able to get a ticket to this event and to finally meet her!!! I also can't wait to hear what she has to say and I can't wait to put it into place with my own business!
My mom and I are attending tonight's workshop after hopefully (not getting lost) and strolling around D.C. taking photos on such a gorgeous day! I'll be posting photos from the event next week! Can't wait!!!!!